Thursday, 2 August 2018

'You got to lose to know how to win!' (Aerosmith)

''Helen, everything in my life is a mess, I just can't make sense of it!''

Clients ask me about their future and the potential for our future often lies in our past. 

I can read and see something of what lies ahead, I can look at Karmic patterns and past lives; and I also help clients to try and understand that they need to work on themselves, in order to create a better future. Personal development is equally as important as spiritual development. They both work together.

''I don't know where to go from here.'' You need to be aware that: a) there is a divine plan that you co-created before accepting this current earthly journey and b) it's necessary to acknowledge your journey so far and deal with your pain.

Suffering isn't there as a kind of punishment because life is supposed to be tough or because we are bad or defective. It is there to help us process the reality of life, to learn to adapt and change ourselves and to lead us where we need to be. 

Dealing with loss is hard. Whether you lost someone you loved who passed to the world of Spirit, ended a relationship or your find yourself having to start over in any area of life. All loss can have devastating effects. In spiritual terms loss is viewed as a transition or new beginning. Even as our bodies lose cells and regenerate. So can we. There is much life to be had after death!

Know that you are loved. Going through challenges does not somehow give us a negative score. The world of Spirit is not like it is here, thankfully. We are not measured, we measure ourselves. Angels for example have beautiful, powerful energy and do not say: ''sorry, unable to help because you failed the last three challenges!'' Instead, they will do all they can to move us to where we need to be.

Do you struggle to find success despite your best efforts?

When I was at school, even though I put in what I felt was my best effort, my report always said: ''Helen could try harder.'' The trouble was I didn't have any self-worth and so with the help of my subconscious I naturally under-performed to prove what I already believed about myself. Our minds do a fantastic job of preserving the beliefs we hold dear. It hangs on to them and brings them up whenever we create a situation to air them.

Is self-sabotage your 'friend'? How many times a day do you mentally beat yourself up? We all do it, let's be honest...

When I look back, I had spent so much energy in failure city that I was broke!  My curiosity to learn and my connection with Spirit  helped me change. Not instantly, but over time. Step by step. I asked for help and the answers came, sometimes through finding information and at other times I would be sitting alone meditating and suddenly 'got it.' Spirit and the angels are always ready to help. All we need to do is ask and they immediately respond to our call. They work in amazingly subtle ways to help us move forwards, so do not expect a lightening bolt or magic wand! Ask for increased awareness and notice the signs.
Angels are always around 

This does not mean that we can systematically clear up everything in one go. We are so multifaceted and healing is available as part of life's journey and about the evolution of our soul, so I guess we will always be learning growing and healing.

GOOD NEWS: YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO BE PERFECT...None of us are, or hadn't you noticed?

There is always a way through something and nothing lasts forever. It is important to keep going and do what is possible. Spirit will not overrule our will. So we need to ask for help and it is freely available. Whatever is going on for you, hang on to your dreams because tough times can be the preparation we need in order to realise them.

Self belief is a muscle that we have to keep toned. I learned that there is no point looking outside for validation, it isn't enough. I had to choose to believe in myself, from the heart.

Today as I reflect on my life I can see how everything had a purpose like some incredible intricate plan that only something higher could possibly create. There was so much loss and emotional pain. Sometimes I wanted to let go but am so glad I didn't.

A simple meditation to begin connecting and working with your consciousness: 
Find a quiet place and consider your journey so far. Ask yourself:

What have I overcome?
How do I feel about myself now?
What needs to heal in order for me to move forwards?
Where do I want to be?
What do I need to do to make it happen?

Spirit show me, Spirit help me, Spirit teach me, Spirit heal me.

Repeat this meditation when you feel to. Look out for signs and synchronicity.

Until next time, HelenB xx

P.S. If you want to understand more about the way we limit ourselves through our own beliefs, check out some of Tony Robbins' videos. Here is a link where he is talking about: The Power of Beliefs

More quality resources -  remember that Amazon have many audio versions of books that you can listen to in your car!

Book by Dale Carnegie: How to Stop Worrying And Start Living

Book:You Can Quote Me On This: Words To Empower You And Awaken Your Consciousness Elsa Mendoza

Be Inspired with the beautiful late Maya Angelou

'Be a Rainbow in someone else's cloud'

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