Thursday, 2 August 2018

Walking with Angels?

Is it true? Can we communicate with Angels in our every-day life? Today the existence of Angels is fairly widely accepted and many people report having had personal encounters with them. Religious books tell us that they are God's messengers and New Age teachers such as Doreen Virtue writes about them in her lovely Angel Therapy Handbook.

Though I work with the unseen world as a medium, even if I didn't, I know that I could not live a life without a connection to the spiritual. We are spiritual beings, from the world of Spirit living a physical experience. It stands to reason that we have the ability to communicate. We are all psychic in that we all have a sixth sense. Sensitive people and those who are very creative tend to find they have a heightened awareness.

Have you ever seen an angel in full form? One time I saw a green light float across my room. Another time I awoke when staying in someone's house and was surrounded by golden light. I checked for any other possible light sources in each case and there was not. It felt good and I realised it was probably angelic and that 'they' were watching over me.

Remember that Spirits communicate in many ways. I see them in my mind's eye and I also hear them as well as feel. They are truly awesome beings! They do not require worship – they are there to serve and help. They do not have an ego.

On one occasion, I was working in London and I had some time to spare between clients. At the time I was only beginning to understand that angels have specific names and roles. I could feel a lovely presence connecting with me and as I tuned in, I heard a message that I began to write down. It was a message of encouragement. I asked ''who is this?'' and the answer was ''Jophiel.'' I had never heard that name! I always look things up and when I was home I put the name 'Jophiel' into Google! Well if you also don't know, Jophiel is an amazing angel Archangel Jophiel

Another time, I was doing my housework and had just qualified as a Reiki Master teacher. I kept hearing 'violet flame' over and over! I checked it on Google and it was a form of  reiki! Violet Flame Most likely a nudge from my guardian angel or Saint Germain.

More recently, I was walking on the beach and my foot slipped and I fell backwards down a rocky incline. As I was falling, I heard a soft voice say ''relax'' and it was the best thing to do since it minimised the impact. I heard the voice like an inner whisper, not like a human voice. When we are in our intuitive mind, we can see hear and feel quite naturally. Most of the time we are just shut down or our minds are too busy, or too stressed for them to get through.

Angels can appear in human form. People have had experiences where someone helped them and then disappeared without trace!

Angels also work through people... I know there have been times in my life when someone has helped me by saying just the right words at the right time that was the answer to my heartfelt question. I know they help me with my work since some clients have seen them. I remember when I was teaching about energy in Slovenia a few years ago. One of my clients told me she could see an enormous white being all around the upper part of my body. It was awesome.

A year or so ago, I was in the Carpathian mountains with some clients and we were making a barbeque. One of our group took this photo. It could be any number of natural reasons, but none of us could see the rays with our human eyes. Often orbs and spiritual energies can be seen on photos and come as a wonderful surprise!

Angels can also speak to us by showing us number sequences. If you are seeing repeat sequences of certain numbers it can be interesting to look up the meaning on Google or in Doreen Virtue's card pack Angels 101

Once you begin to tune into your spiritual side, you will notice messages, such as a white feather appearing, or something happens when you ask for help and your way smooths out. Then you just know you are being supported. Often when you see this it is a reminder that they are there.

It is important to try to intuitively understand the message that is being communicated and if I do not immediately understand I ask for clarity.

I wonder if you have had any experiences with angels? I would love to hear about them!
Here are some links to some other Doreen Virtue products that you may really enjoy using as you become more aware of Angels in your life. Until next time, HelenB xx

Angel Oracle Cards
Daily Guidance from Your Angels


  1. Helen, thank you for doing this! I always love to know more and it is important for me to know real experiences from real people that i have spoken with. It helps to remind me that there is more then we know and gives me hope and comfort that we are not alone. Thanks again for everything you do. You are a gentle living spirit yourself and i love speaking with you. That picture from the picnic is beautiful. I did not realize that it was not an illustration of some kind, but a real thing. Amazing.

  2. Thank you so much. You did not say who you are but seem to know me. Ha ha - keep me guessing! Just this morning I had a visit from Metatron. I kept hearing his name and so I did my thing of looking him up and realised that he is connecting with me right now to help me in my work and to teach me as I am always learning. Many blessings to you darling. xx


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