Thursday, 2 August 2018

What is my life path and how do I find it?

Haha! I kinda feel lost right now doing my first blog, where do I start? Well here goes...with a little help from my unseen 'friends' I hope to share with you and inspire you.

One question often asked by clients is: ''what is my life path and how do I find it?''

'Life path' is a term people use to understand their life from an earthly perspective. We like to know what we signed up for and it is very human to want to know!

As I see is a gift, an opportunity to grow and experience, to learn and to ENJOY as well (often we forget this; we are supposed to have some high spots!).

Your 'path' is full of many things that you designed, through your soul's free will, to experience before you came and is not like following a travel itinerary, though it is a journey. In my understanding, while we have certain things we need to achieve, people we need to connect with and so on. We have free will and though we may choose not to embrace certain situations, we can also include the unplanned by choice. What we leave undone will be carried over. Trusting your path and tuning into it is the way to go. Developing yourself on all levels is helpful. The more you understand about yourself and your spiritual side, the more you can become aware of where things are heading. This has been my experience so far.

How much we should involve ourselves in the planning and how much we should leave to Spirit? Some would say 'there are no right or wrong answers'. I do think it is important to embrace life with some sense of adventure. If you never take any risks, how will you find out? One thing I do, is ask for confirmation from Spirit. If I have a desire to do something, I look for the synchronicity. I know that Spirit understands my human side and that I cannot always get it right! I am sure at times there is much laughter going on 'over there' about the way I do certain things and I hope, much compassion, when I really get things in a mess. I am blessed to be able to see, hear and feel in a heightened way as a medium, but mediums do not always get things right. Dealing with the unseen world can be a bit tricky on occasions!

The best way to sense your way, is to allow your higher mind to reveal it to you by checking in with yourself intuitively on a regular basis and this takes time and just a little discipline. I positively loathe the word 'discipline' because I don't like rules! Haha! It's my creative personality, I get bored very quickly. However, I have learned, that especially for my work, I MUST take time to listen with my heart, practise Mindfulness and meditate regularly. 

''So how can I fit this into my busy schedule?'' I hear you say... and I say: ''do what you can, when and where you can!'' Ask Spirit and the angels to help you make space for yourself and be creative with it. There are times when you simply can't stop to meditate, but you can pause for thought - take a moment, breathe, walk on the grass or even walk by the ocean. Connecting with Spirit has to be important to you if you want to live intuitively. You don't have to be super-spiritual, simply find your own best way and make it a good for you life habit. A way of living. When we do not acknowledge our spiritual self we ignore who we are and it is not good for our health.

Sometimes we get hooked on trying to find our path when it is really about walking it and trusting our intuition. We evolve. I wasn't always working as a medium (and never imagined I ever would.) I sort of grew into it. It is interesting to look back though and remember how I felt as an 'over-sensitive' child. Even then I had a sense of things, it was just that I never imagined my dreams could come true. I mean, we all have things that float around in the back of our minds and certain abilities that we are born with and they often do not get the chance to be expressed until later. We have certain desires, but no context to place them into.  It is a knowing we have and it sits there until something – or a series of things happen to water the seed and it grows. We suddenly feel drawn to things, people and situations.

Here's a couple of examples of when I followed my intuition or 'higher self'. I was around seventeen and I had an opportunity to visit Israel on holiday. When I was there, I felt like I was revisiting a familiar place. I was drawn to the desert. I just knew I had to return and live there but did not know how. It was such a strong knowing that I simply could not rest until I found an answer. I prayed and asked for confirmation and the way opened. Around a year later I was living near Jerusalem. 

More recently, in 2015 my darling mom had passed aged 94! I felt totally lost and was wondering what to do next because she had left such a vacuum in my life. I had a reading (yes we have them too!) and my mom spoke to the medium and told me to buy a very nice dress because I was going to have a big opportunity. Fifteen minutes after the call my cell phone rang and a voice said: ''Hello this is Yana from Ukraine. We would like to invite you to be in our Psychic Challenge on television''. I did not know anything about Ukraine and did not really understand what it was about but I realised it was what mom had meant and said: ''Yes. I will come!'' Four days later my feet were on the tarmac at Boryspil airport, Kiev, Ukraine. 

Living in tune with the spiritual, takes time to understand and practise like anything else. I begin and end each day with some prayers and meditation (sometimes only for a few minutes.) I ask the angels to manage my day and for help with any number of things. They are messengers, managers and helpers. When I need help, I simply ask and things have a way of falling into place, from finding my way around the market, help when I lock myself out, to sending help to those who need it. Spirit is there to advise, support, comfort and help us. I believe Spirit/God/The Universe is pure unconditional love and power. 

Everything is done for our highest good. Naturally during troubled times it can seem there is nothing or nobody there, but remember, this earthly life, our life is our own. Spirit will not go over our will. Sometimes our own choices cause us pain. There are some lessons, sadly, that we can only learn by going through them. The support is there even when we are too troubled to feel it. The more we tune in, the more we can align ourselves with our chosen path and gain the understanding and skills to live it.

'Thankful for all that I have' is a mind-set that I follow especially during difficult times. If you are serious about learning and growing, Spirit will meet those desires in the most loving way possible. Dealing with ourselves is often the hardest part! The more we know (about ourselves) the more we can grow and experience all that life has for us. All things are possible if you believe. Dreams can come true. Recently a dream I had decades earlier came true! No kidding. I prayed as a young woman that I would be able to live in the desert by the Red sea and here I am!

My favorite way to view life is like I paint, I begin painting by feeling  what I want to put on the canvas intuitively and I do not follow any system. I follow my heart and my senses and eventually I reach a point where I know I have done all I can and it is finished, nothing left undone. All the parts come together to make the whole. This is how I live my life! Whether you believe in the 'other side' and tune into what we mediums refer to as 'Spirit' or not, our intuition or sixth sense is rarely wrong and very useful indeed when we can hear it!

We are not meant to journey alone! Spirit gives us connections with others on similar paths (in fact there are people we already decided to journey with! However it can be enormously helpful to gain insight and clarity from a trusted healer or medium. Astrology and Numerology are also amazing tools to understand one's journey. I always like to share links related to my blogs so here are a few to keep you riveted! Until next time HelenB xx   


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