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Are Mediums born or Made?

Helen on her live show in Slovenia 2014
Everything in my life just happened to me. Or did it really just happen? I felt like I was in a long river being carried along by a strong current. Was being a medium my destiny? The thought actually never occurred to me. I just kept doing what felt right.

I had spent a large part of my early life feeling a misfit and a complete failure. I didn't fit somehow, was mostly misunderstood; until one day someone pointed out that I was a natural born healer and medium.

At that time I was having many physical problems that would not resolve. A Chinese doctor in London referred me to a medium because he sensed there was a spiritual element at play. 

I saw Mary Jane, an experienced medium and we went on a 'journey' together. We both saw the same vision. I was a small boy child in a deep pit in the jungle. It gets a bit gruesome after that but the upshot was that I had been a child healer in a past life and needed to embrace that side of me again. There was a caveat from her guide, that if I was serious about following this path, I should meditate regularly and so I began.

As I adjusted to the shock, I began a new adventure and my life took a different perspective. I learned that we co-create our way in life. Some people call it a 'life contract' where we agree to do and experience certain things for our soul journey. I understood that we always existed and we live continuously through many lives. Sometimes we need to put things right along the way (karma). The good part being that we have free will and that means freedom to make our own choices. Some people say that our contract is fixed. At the time of writing this, I believe it is flexible because of the 'free will' part. If we were on a completely fixed road, what would be the point of trying to improve ourselves? I think, what we do not do, or avoid, gets put in the next chapter. It's our journey!

There is little to prove things we believe in the spiritual sense and as mediums we deal with the unseen as a way of life. We have to work in good faith.

My awareness gradually heightened and I did have a sense that I was being directed. As a child people responded to me as if I was one who had answers to problems. One's soul conveys who one is even if one's consciousness has not fully embraced the fact. I trained in various therapies and healing modalities in effort to learn more.

Over time I discovered my main guide Yehuda, who remains with me today. Most mediums become aware of a particular spirit helper in the form of a guide. He was seen firstly in a reading by a medium at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain actually, described as a tall man wearing a black hat! (I will save the story of Yehuda and I for a subsequent blog). On one occasion many years later a client actually saw him. That was awesome! All 'sightings' matched. I have seen him but mostly feel his presence and hear him.

One thing I can tell you is that the life of a medium or spiritual worker is rarely easy. In order to really help others it is necessary to be evolving and growing oneself. This process can be very painful. Have you ever heard the phrase: ''healer heal thyself'?'' This refers to the fact that in order to help others, we need to have walked the walk ourselves. Also, giving messages takes a great deal of faith and a good medium will never claim to be accurate or tell you what you should do. As mediums, we are there to be the link between this world and the Spiritual realm. Helping people find healing, insight and clarity for their highest good is our commission.

Some people say that: ''mediumship is a precious gift.'' I do not disagree except, that I think Spirit makes everything available for our chosen journey and choices. It comes with a price if one is dedicated to this vocation. I have also heard the notion that: 'a person's gift makes way for them.' Some take this to mean that only a few are chosen. I think this is an outdated belief, judging by the number of mediums that are accepting their roles today. The question is: can the medium do the work? If they can then I guess their gift makes way for them in that context, because Spirit will bring people across their path who they can effectively help. This is what happened to me. I would have readings and receive messages encouraging me to work with Spirit and the way opened.

I think mediums are both born (life contract) and made! Let's have both. Why not? All mediums are trained by Spirit and guides. Many mediums developed within a development circle. Today there are many teachers and courses, but I think I can safely say (correct me if I am wrong) that most mediums' abilities evolve as they respond to unseen teachers. Courses can help us to learn the accepted way of doing things but the development is a very personal journey.

You will find that true mediums are an eclectic mix of eccentric, creative, sensitives intuitively feeling their way through life.

Did you know that until 1951 the practise of mediumship and anyone 'claiming to have supernatural powers' was illegal? People would consult in secret or there would be dire consequences. How times have changed and thankfully, today, we have updated laws to protect the public. Notwithstanding that statement, mediums too can be vulnerable to abuse and many people do not understand that we can only give what we receive from Spirit. Miracles we leave to the God force! Sometimes people expect us to wave a magic wand and this is unrealistic. I do not know any medium who works in the same way but there are certain important components to look out for (see link below).

Working at the Mind Body Spirit show
The very first experience I had with a medium was after my father passed in 1974 when my sister took me to a lady and we were ushered into her front room where she held my watch (psychometry) and told me the most incredible things. I was fifteen years old at the time.

My older sister Maggie who sadly passed in 2010, was a natural psychic. A Scorpio and very strong when it came to things spiritual, she just knew things and could make up her mind about anyone or any situation in seconds. I used to think that she would make an amazing spiritual worker but it wasn't to be. I know she helped many people in own way with her big heart. In fact all my family were sensitive in this way, they just didn't really realise it! I never imagined in a million years it would be me that would be doing it! I feel on a soul level, Maggie was somehow instrumental in getting me here, even though we clashed when I was younger and a member of the Charismatic Christian church. I break into a wry smile when I think of those days, because I was having visions and giving messages in church! So I came full circle, faith intact. My faith is the centre of all I do actually. I know that Maggie helps me in my work, especially when people come to me with very deep and painful problems. Bless you Maggie!

In essence, we are all spiritual beings living an earthly existence and we all have extrasensory potential. So why do some seem to be called to this work? I do not believe that mediumship makes anyone special, even though it is an extraordinary ability. I can only guess I must have contracted to do this work. Or maybe I was asked to. There are many things we will not understand until we return to the world of Spirit when everything will become clear. I do remember telling God I wanted to work for Him when I was a teenager!

If you are curious about mediumship and wondering about exploring it, then I would recommend reading Doris Stokes' autobiography. (I hope she is enjoying herself back home now bless her). I think learning how others managed their journey from someone's personal experience helps us find our way. I have mostly avoided groups and fixed ways of doing things because it cramps my creativity and it is the last thing a medium wants to do because Spirit works with our creative side. However there are many good books about the subject and I have listed some titles below. The world of psychics, mediums and spiritual workers is vast and so are the books and courses. Your intuition is your best guide. I have been down some strange roads on my journey but always came back to centre! It is easy to assume that people have good intentions, but one has to be wise, spiritual workers are human beings and sadly, not all put clients first.

Another point that I would add, is the importance of opening at your own pace. Do not be rushed. Some people do all kinds of techniques to 'open' their psychic side and it is not without risk. There are positive and negative energies in the spiritual world.

When people come to me wanting to develop I suggest they begin learning about energy as a first base so that they can develop safely.

We have moved from sitting in 'circles' in back rooms to full blown commercial enterprises and today there are different movements within the field of mediumship and psychic practises. The New Age has brought variety and complexity. There is something for everyone. Doris Stokes was a medium of her time and an amazing one at that. Her wisdom is still in print and I treasure her well-thumbed paperbacks inherited from my sister!

Here is a wonderful video of Doris at work in the Barbican, London UK. I am not joking, as I played it, I suddenly felt her all around me. Bless you Doris!!! Thanks to the Spirit Workers YouTube channel for this blessing.

As always, I value your questions and will be happy to give my perspective in future blogs, your feedback is important to me.

Until next time, HelenB xx

Voices in My Ear: Autobiography of a Medium: Doris Stokes

What to expect from a medium or psychic reader

What is Mediumship?:

Footnote: It is easy to become confused when many spiritual practitioners use many tools and mediums often work psychically as well. A medium is a channel or link between this dimension and the spirit world. A psychic uses their extrasensory abilities with or without tools such as Tarot, Runes, Crystals and more. Many like myself do both, though I tend not to use Tarot these days. I work with whatever I feel spirit leads me to at the time for the benefit of the client.

A psychic development circle is a group of people who are all interested in improving their natural psychic abilities including mediumship.

5 Steps to Give Yourself a Karmic Cleanse

7 Steps To Hone Up Your Psychic Channel
  • Make the time - exploring your extra-sensory abilities is not advisable just for fun. I know many people are awakening, but it is worth doing properly and necessary to give some commitment to the process. You have to make time and it takes time to develop, like learning another language. I remember when I first realised I was being encouraged to connect with Spirit that 'they' told me I had to meditate regularly to show I was serious about it. In other words the guides did not want to waste their time! Some people are nervous about being communicated with. In most cases they will not come close unless they know they are welcome. What you see in the movies is usually a far cry from every day experience.
  • Become Mindful. When I talk about becoming mindful, I mean become very observant. Spirits and angels will try and communicate to us and often don't get the chance because our minds are fully occupied. Take moments in the day to rest, walk in the garden and connect with nature, listen to the sounds, quieten your brain and allow your mind to drift. I was a natural day-dreamer with a huge imagination when I was young - so I was told! Family disbelief. Ignore the naysayers and be around other creative, sensitive people. It really helps. Connect with like minds.
  • Learn your head talk from your heart talk. Sensitive people tend to worry and think a lot. Try to notice when random thoughts flutter into your consciousness and you were not previously thinking that way. For example you may be making a cup of coffee and suddenly someone you love pops into your mind and then they call you. It's a psychic connection. Or you may have asked a question and immediately a thought comes in the form of an answer. It can be a spirit or angel trying to make you aware of something. It takes practise and you may like to join a group or psychic circle. There are many ways that communications happen. Another way is when you see or hear something and suddenly you just know what it means on a deeper level. I remember a time when I walked into a music shop and saw a CD that I never heard of. It was a film score and I knew I had to buy it. The words of the music and the movie changed my life. Spirits connect with us mostly via the senses and can come in dreams. At times people have amazing experiences and visitations but these extraordinary moments do not happen every day. Many people think they never receive anything and feel they need to see an glowing apparition with a message, when actually it's already happening in subtle ways. 
  • Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask direct questions and realise you may either get an answer right away or later. Dealing with the unseen is challenging at times until you develop your own unique dialogue. I am quite auditory and hear with 'inner ears' or sometimes like a whisper. I feel strongly and I see in my mind's eye or 'third eye'. I have developed many ways, since I have been a practising medium for some years and I believe anyone who is called (or who elected in their life contract to do it) can do the same.
  • Look for synchronicity in your life as a sign you are being guided. Then if you want to go further you can tune in to find your own guide, assigned to help you or even work with you. There can be many guides. Some come and go and some help with particular things. Angels also connect with us. Especially if we call them near.
  • Practise patience. As with any skill one needs patience. It can seem daunting initially, like learning to drive a car. I thought I would never master it but soon everything flowed together with practise.
  • Become best friends with your intuition. Understand that you have a wonderful gift to help you navigate life called your 'Intuition.' It is underused, misunderstood and often ignored. I remember I began a relationship once when I had felt strong reservations and later regretted it. Your intuition can be like a best friend and protector along with your guardian angel.
Here are some links to helpful books and John Holland's Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle cards. I have used them myself and they are really nice to get you started. They are not Tarot cards, the title is a bit misleading. Tarot has a specific structure but Oracle cards can be used completely intuitively.

Until next time, HelenB xx

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Did You Decide to put a STOP on Love?

Affairs of the heart are never straightforward; otherwise most healers and mediums would be out of work! I discovered somewhere along my path that one of my prime objectives was to find true love I am not sure if it exists but in the imagination and in movies!

What is true love? To quote from a lovely poem by Maria Lovell love is: 'two hearts that beat as one'' and we know it involves far more than that. However if you take a minute to read the poem, I think she is really pointing out that love is an enigma shared by two people who have a certain connection that just works.

''Then why won't it work for  me?'' We go into depression or despair. The trouble is if we do that, we can end up in a crisis and if not careful our lives can go on hold for any amount of time until we accept the situation we are in and move on.

''Then why won't it work for  me?'' We go into depression or despair. The trouble is if we do that, we can end up in a crisis and if not careful our lives can go on hold for any amount of time until we accept the situation we are in and move on.

Thanks to the many writers, spiritual workers and therapists today, we have far more awareness about love and what it can mean. The journey is continuous. Some of us, are serial monogamists, some are not, but those of us who risk falling in love, risk getting hurt. It is part of the course.

I need to just clarify something that people can misunderstand. When psychics, mediums and spiritual workers 'see' something on the road ahead for you, it is in the realm of possibility. Readings cannot be guaranteed. The priority as far as Spirit and the angels are concerned, is your soul contract and the things you elected to experience for your learning. All humans have free will. If you do not feel connected to something a reader sees you do not need to accept it. It is the same with partners. If you allow your soul to evolve, then you may have many adventures but you can also decide otherwise.

For example: there are some people who have been hurt in love and decide NOT to go there again above all costs! It is a shame because that area then becomes stuck though some could argue that even our choices are pre-determined.

When clients come to me with questions about love, I begin by connecting with Spirit and my guides and tune in to the client to see their path and the situation they are in. They want to understand, gain insights and find some peace of mind. To know how to deal and move forwards. Some situations are very complex and I seem to have the ability to see things through a magnifying glass and piece things together. I help them understand what is going on in their own soul and that of their partner and any other components and outside influences. Sometimes it is a matter of emotional pain that requires healing or a past life issue or karma between the two partners.

If someone feels 'stuck' I help them understand what they need to do and explain that some situations require a number of 'learning modules' to be completed in their consciousness before they will be able to release themselves from the situation.

Some pain is useful and purposeful, for it may be the only way we learn, by experience. Having been through many similar challenges myself, I know that when one can finally let go, there comes with it a great release and the chance to heal.

It seems that there are many happy couples too! My feeling is that love is all about two souls connecting and working through things together and that love is rather incidental in the process – though wonderfully enjoyable!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Walking with Angels?

Is it true? Can we communicate with Angels in our every-day life? Today the existence of Angels is fairly widely accepted and many people report having had personal encounters with them. Religious books tell us that they are God's messengers and New Age teachers such as Doreen Virtue writes about them in her lovely Angel Therapy Handbook.

Though I work with the unseen world as a medium, even if I didn't, I know that I could not live a life without a connection to the spiritual. We are spiritual beings, from the world of Spirit living a physical experience. It stands to reason that we have the ability to communicate. We are all psychic in that we all have a sixth sense. Sensitive people and those who are very creative tend to find they have a heightened awareness.

Have you ever seen an angel in full form? One time I saw a green light float across my room. Another time I awoke when staying in someone's house and was surrounded by golden light. I checked for any other possible light sources in each case and there was not. It felt good and I realised it was probably angelic and that 'they' were watching over me.

Remember that Spirits communicate in many ways. I see them in my mind's eye and I also hear them as well as feel. They are truly awesome beings! They do not require worship – they are there to serve and help. They do not have an ego.

On one occasion, I was working in London and I had some time to spare between clients. At the time I was only beginning to understand that angels have specific names and roles. I could feel a lovely presence connecting with me and as I tuned in, I heard a message that I began to write down. It was a message of encouragement. I asked ''who is this?'' and the answer was ''Jophiel.'' I had never heard that name! I always look things up and when I was home I put the name 'Jophiel' into Google! Well if you also don't know, Jophiel is an amazing angel Archangel Jophiel

Another time, I was doing my housework and had just qualified as a Reiki Master teacher. I kept hearing 'violet flame' over and over! I checked it on Google and it was a form of  reiki! Violet Flame Most likely a nudge from my guardian angel or Saint Germain.

More recently, I was walking on the beach and my foot slipped and I fell backwards down a rocky incline. As I was falling, I heard a soft voice say ''relax'' and it was the best thing to do since it minimised the impact. I heard the voice like an inner whisper, not like a human voice. When we are in our intuitive mind, we can see hear and feel quite naturally. Most of the time we are just shut down or our minds are too busy, or too stressed for them to get through.

Angels can appear in human form. People have had experiences where someone helped them and then disappeared without trace!

Angels also work through people... I know there have been times in my life when someone has helped me by saying just the right words at the right time that was the answer to my heartfelt question. I know they help me with my work since some clients have seen them. I remember when I was teaching about energy in Slovenia a few years ago. One of my clients told me she could see an enormous white being all around the upper part of my body. It was awesome.

A year or so ago, I was in the Carpathian mountains with some clients and we were making a barbeque. One of our group took this photo. It could be any number of natural reasons, but none of us could see the rays with our human eyes. Often orbs and spiritual energies can be seen on photos and come as a wonderful surprise!

Angels can also speak to us by showing us number sequences. If you are seeing repeat sequences of certain numbers it can be interesting to look up the meaning on Google or in Doreen Virtue's card pack Angels 101

Once you begin to tune into your spiritual side, you will notice messages, such as a white feather appearing, or something happens when you ask for help and your way smooths out. Then you just know you are being supported. Often when you see this it is a reminder that they are there.

It is important to try to intuitively understand the message that is being communicated and if I do not immediately understand I ask for clarity.

I wonder if you have had any experiences with angels? I would love to hear about them!
Here are some links to some other Doreen Virtue products that you may really enjoy using as you become more aware of Angels in your life. Until next time, HelenB xx

Angel Oracle Cards
Daily Guidance from Your Angels

'You got to lose to know how to win!' (Aerosmith)

''Helen, everything in my life is a mess, I just can't make sense of it!''

Clients ask me about their future and the potential for our future often lies in our past. 

I can read and see something of what lies ahead, I can look at Karmic patterns and past lives; and I also help clients to try and understand that they need to work on themselves, in order to create a better future. Personal development is equally as important as spiritual development. They both work together.

''I don't know where to go from here.'' You need to be aware that: a) there is a divine plan that you co-created before accepting this current earthly journey and b) it's necessary to acknowledge your journey so far and deal with your pain.

Suffering isn't there as a kind of punishment because life is supposed to be tough or because we are bad or defective. It is there to help us process the reality of life, to learn to adapt and change ourselves and to lead us where we need to be. 

Dealing with loss is hard. Whether you lost someone you loved who passed to the world of Spirit, ended a relationship or your find yourself having to start over in any area of life. All loss can have devastating effects. In spiritual terms loss is viewed as a transition or new beginning. Even as our bodies lose cells and regenerate. So can we. There is much life to be had after death!

Know that you are loved. Going through challenges does not somehow give us a negative score. The world of Spirit is not like it is here, thankfully. We are not measured, we measure ourselves. Angels for example have beautiful, powerful energy and do not say: ''sorry, unable to help because you failed the last three challenges!'' Instead, they will do all they can to move us to where we need to be.

Do you struggle to find success despite your best efforts?

When I was at school, even though I put in what I felt was my best effort, my report always said: ''Helen could try harder.'' The trouble was I didn't have any self-worth and so with the help of my subconscious I naturally under-performed to prove what I already believed about myself. Our minds do a fantastic job of preserving the beliefs we hold dear. It hangs on to them and brings them up whenever we create a situation to air them.

Is self-sabotage your 'friend'? How many times a day do you mentally beat yourself up? We all do it, let's be honest...

When I look back, I had spent so much energy in failure city that I was broke!  My curiosity to learn and my connection with Spirit  helped me change. Not instantly, but over time. Step by step. I asked for help and the answers came, sometimes through finding information and at other times I would be sitting alone meditating and suddenly 'got it.' Spirit and the angels are always ready to help. All we need to do is ask and they immediately respond to our call. They work in amazingly subtle ways to help us move forwards, so do not expect a lightening bolt or magic wand! Ask for increased awareness and notice the signs.
Angels are always around 

This does not mean that we can systematically clear up everything in one go. We are so multifaceted and healing is available as part of life's journey and about the evolution of our soul, so I guess we will always be learning growing and healing.

GOOD NEWS: YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO BE PERFECT...None of us are, or hadn't you noticed?

There is always a way through something and nothing lasts forever. It is important to keep going and do what is possible. Spirit will not overrule our will. So we need to ask for help and it is freely available. Whatever is going on for you, hang on to your dreams because tough times can be the preparation we need in order to realise them.

Self belief is a muscle that we have to keep toned. I learned that there is no point looking outside for validation, it isn't enough. I had to choose to believe in myself, from the heart.

Today as I reflect on my life I can see how everything had a purpose like some incredible intricate plan that only something higher could possibly create. There was so much loss and emotional pain. Sometimes I wanted to let go but am so glad I didn't.

A simple meditation to begin connecting and working with your consciousness: 
Find a quiet place and consider your journey so far. Ask yourself:

What have I overcome?
How do I feel about myself now?
What needs to heal in order for me to move forwards?
Where do I want to be?
What do I need to do to make it happen?

Spirit show me, Spirit help me, Spirit teach me, Spirit heal me.

Repeat this meditation when you feel to. Look out for signs and synchronicity.

Until next time, HelenB xx

P.S. If you want to understand more about the way we limit ourselves through our own beliefs, check out some of Tony Robbins' videos. Here is a link where he is talking about: The Power of Beliefs

More quality resources -  remember that Amazon have many audio versions of books that you can listen to in your car!

Book by Dale Carnegie: How to Stop Worrying And Start Living

Book:You Can Quote Me On This: Words To Empower You And Awaken Your Consciousness Elsa Mendoza

Be Inspired with the beautiful late Maya Angelou

'Be a Rainbow in someone else's cloud'

What is my life path and how do I find it?

Haha! I kinda feel lost right now doing my first blog, where do I start? Well here goes...with a little help from my unseen 'friends' I hope to share with you and inspire you.

One question often asked by clients is: ''what is my life path and how do I find it?''

'Life path' is a term people use to understand their life from an earthly perspective. We like to know what we signed up for and it is very human to want to know!

As I see is a gift, an opportunity to grow and experience, to learn and to ENJOY as well (often we forget this; we are supposed to have some high spots!).

Your 'path' is full of many things that you designed, through your soul's free will, to experience before you came and is not like following a travel itinerary, though it is a journey. In my understanding, while we have certain things we need to achieve, people we need to connect with and so on. We have free will and though we may choose not to embrace certain situations, we can also include the unplanned by choice. What we leave undone will be carried over. Trusting your path and tuning into it is the way to go. Developing yourself on all levels is helpful. The more you understand about yourself and your spiritual side, the more you can become aware of where things are heading. This has been my experience so far.

How much we should involve ourselves in the planning and how much we should leave to Spirit? Some would say 'there are no right or wrong answers'. I do think it is important to embrace life with some sense of adventure. If you never take any risks, how will you find out? One thing I do, is ask for confirmation from Spirit. If I have a desire to do something, I look for the synchronicity. I know that Spirit understands my human side and that I cannot always get it right! I am sure at times there is much laughter going on 'over there' about the way I do certain things and I hope, much compassion, when I really get things in a mess. I am blessed to be able to see, hear and feel in a heightened way as a medium, but mediums do not always get things right. Dealing with the unseen world can be a bit tricky on occasions!

The best way to sense your way, is to allow your higher mind to reveal it to you by checking in with yourself intuitively on a regular basis and this takes time and just a little discipline. I positively loathe the word 'discipline' because I don't like rules! Haha! It's my creative personality, I get bored very quickly. However, I have learned, that especially for my work, I MUST take time to listen with my heart, practise Mindfulness and meditate regularly. 

''So how can I fit this into my busy schedule?'' I hear you say... and I say: ''do what you can, when and where you can!'' Ask Spirit and the angels to help you make space for yourself and be creative with it. There are times when you simply can't stop to meditate, but you can pause for thought - take a moment, breathe, walk on the grass or even walk by the ocean. Connecting with Spirit has to be important to you if you want to live intuitively. You don't have to be super-spiritual, simply find your own best way and make it a good for you life habit. A way of living. When we do not acknowledge our spiritual self we ignore who we are and it is not good for our health.

Sometimes we get hooked on trying to find our path when it is really about walking it and trusting our intuition. We evolve. I wasn't always working as a medium (and never imagined I ever would.) I sort of grew into it. It is interesting to look back though and remember how I felt as an 'over-sensitive' child. Even then I had a sense of things, it was just that I never imagined my dreams could come true. I mean, we all have things that float around in the back of our minds and certain abilities that we are born with and they often do not get the chance to be expressed until later. We have certain desires, but no context to place them into.  It is a knowing we have and it sits there until something – or a series of things happen to water the seed and it grows. We suddenly feel drawn to things, people and situations.

Here's a couple of examples of when I followed my intuition or 'higher self'. I was around seventeen and I had an opportunity to visit Israel on holiday. When I was there, I felt like I was revisiting a familiar place. I was drawn to the desert. I just knew I had to return and live there but did not know how. It was such a strong knowing that I simply could not rest until I found an answer. I prayed and asked for confirmation and the way opened. Around a year later I was living near Jerusalem. 

More recently, in 2015 my darling mom had passed aged 94! I felt totally lost and was wondering what to do next because she had left such a vacuum in my life. I had a reading (yes we have them too!) and my mom spoke to the medium and told me to buy a very nice dress because I was going to have a big opportunity. Fifteen minutes after the call my cell phone rang and a voice said: ''Hello this is Yana from Ukraine. We would like to invite you to be in our Psychic Challenge on television''. I did not know anything about Ukraine and did not really understand what it was about but I realised it was what mom had meant and said: ''Yes. I will come!'' Four days later my feet were on the tarmac at Boryspil airport, Kiev, Ukraine. 

Living in tune with the spiritual, takes time to understand and practise like anything else. I begin and end each day with some prayers and meditation (sometimes only for a few minutes.) I ask the angels to manage my day and for help with any number of things. They are messengers, managers and helpers. When I need help, I simply ask and things have a way of falling into place, from finding my way around the market, help when I lock myself out, to sending help to those who need it. Spirit is there to advise, support, comfort and help us. I believe Spirit/God/The Universe is pure unconditional love and power. 

Everything is done for our highest good. Naturally during troubled times it can seem there is nothing or nobody there, but remember, this earthly life, our life is our own. Spirit will not go over our will. Sometimes our own choices cause us pain. There are some lessons, sadly, that we can only learn by going through them. The support is there even when we are too troubled to feel it. The more we tune in, the more we can align ourselves with our chosen path and gain the understanding and skills to live it.

'Thankful for all that I have' is a mind-set that I follow especially during difficult times. If you are serious about learning and growing, Spirit will meet those desires in the most loving way possible. Dealing with ourselves is often the hardest part! The more we know (about ourselves) the more we can grow and experience all that life has for us. All things are possible if you believe. Dreams can come true. Recently a dream I had decades earlier came true! No kidding. I prayed as a young woman that I would be able to live in the desert by the Red sea and here I am!

My favorite way to view life is like I paint, I begin painting by feeling  what I want to put on the canvas intuitively and I do not follow any system. I follow my heart and my senses and eventually I reach a point where I know I have done all I can and it is finished, nothing left undone. All the parts come together to make the whole. This is how I live my life! Whether you believe in the 'other side' and tune into what we mediums refer to as 'Spirit' or not, our intuition or sixth sense is rarely wrong and very useful indeed when we can hear it!

We are not meant to journey alone! Spirit gives us connections with others on similar paths (in fact there are people we already decided to journey with! However it can be enormously helpful to gain insight and clarity from a trusted healer or medium. Astrology and Numerology are also amazing tools to understand one's journey. I always like to share links related to my blogs so here are a few to keep you riveted! Until next time HelenB xx   


Are Mediums born or Made?

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