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Are Mediums born or Made?

Helen on her live show in Slovenia 2014
Everything in my life just happened to me. Or did it really just happen? I felt like I was in a long river being carried along by a strong current. Was being a medium my destiny? The thought actually never occurred to me. I just kept doing what felt right.

I had spent a large part of my early life feeling a misfit and a complete failure. I didn't fit somehow, was mostly misunderstood; until one day someone pointed out that I was a natural born healer and medium.

At that time I was having many physical problems that would not resolve. A Chinese doctor in London referred me to a medium because he sensed there was a spiritual element at play. 

I saw Mary Jane, an experienced medium and we went on a 'journey' together. We both saw the same vision. I was a small boy child in a deep pit in the jungle. It gets a bit gruesome after that but the upshot was that I had been a child healer in a past life and needed to embrace that side of me again. There was a caveat from her guide, that if I was serious about following this path, I should meditate regularly and so I began.

As I adjusted to the shock, I began a new adventure and my life took a different perspective. I learned that we co-create our way in life. Some people call it a 'life contract' where we agree to do and experience certain things for our soul journey. I understood that we always existed and we live continuously through many lives. Sometimes we need to put things right along the way (karma). The good part being that we have free will and that means freedom to make our own choices. Some people say that our contract is fixed. At the time of writing this, I believe it is flexible because of the 'free will' part. If we were on a completely fixed road, what would be the point of trying to improve ourselves? I think, what we do not do, or avoid, gets put in the next chapter. It's our journey!

There is little to prove things we believe in the spiritual sense and as mediums we deal with the unseen as a way of life. We have to work in good faith.

My awareness gradually heightened and I did have a sense that I was being directed. As a child people responded to me as if I was one who had answers to problems. One's soul conveys who one is even if one's consciousness has not fully embraced the fact. I trained in various therapies and healing modalities in effort to learn more.

Over time I discovered my main guide Yehuda, who remains with me today. Most mediums become aware of a particular spirit helper in the form of a guide. He was seen firstly in a reading by a medium at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain actually, described as a tall man wearing a black hat! (I will save the story of Yehuda and I for a subsequent blog). On one occasion many years later a client actually saw him. That was awesome! All 'sightings' matched. I have seen him but mostly feel his presence and hear him.

One thing I can tell you is that the life of a medium or spiritual worker is rarely easy. In order to really help others it is necessary to be evolving and growing oneself. This process can be very painful. Have you ever heard the phrase: ''healer heal thyself'?'' This refers to the fact that in order to help others, we need to have walked the walk ourselves. Also, giving messages takes a great deal of faith and a good medium will never claim to be accurate or tell you what you should do. As mediums, we are there to be the link between this world and the Spiritual realm. Helping people find healing, insight and clarity for their highest good is our commission.

Some people say that: ''mediumship is a precious gift.'' I do not disagree except, that I think Spirit makes everything available for our chosen journey and choices. It comes with a price if one is dedicated to this vocation. I have also heard the notion that: 'a person's gift makes way for them.' Some take this to mean that only a few are chosen. I think this is an outdated belief, judging by the number of mediums that are accepting their roles today. The question is: can the medium do the work? If they can then I guess their gift makes way for them in that context, because Spirit will bring people across their path who they can effectively help. This is what happened to me. I would have readings and receive messages encouraging me to work with Spirit and the way opened.

I think mediums are both born (life contract) and made! Let's have both. Why not? All mediums are trained by Spirit and guides. Many mediums developed within a development circle. Today there are many teachers and courses, but I think I can safely say (correct me if I am wrong) that most mediums' abilities evolve as they respond to unseen teachers. Courses can help us to learn the accepted way of doing things but the development is a very personal journey.

You will find that true mediums are an eclectic mix of eccentric, creative, sensitives intuitively feeling their way through life.

Did you know that until 1951 the practise of mediumship and anyone 'claiming to have supernatural powers' was illegal? People would consult in secret or there would be dire consequences. How times have changed and thankfully, today, we have updated laws to protect the public. Notwithstanding that statement, mediums too can be vulnerable to abuse and many people do not understand that we can only give what we receive from Spirit. Miracles we leave to the God force! Sometimes people expect us to wave a magic wand and this is unrealistic. I do not know any medium who works in the same way but there are certain important components to look out for (see link below).

Working at the Mind Body Spirit show
The very first experience I had with a medium was after my father passed in 1974 when my sister took me to a lady and we were ushered into her front room where she held my watch (psychometry) and told me the most incredible things. I was fifteen years old at the time.

My older sister Maggie who sadly passed in 2010, was a natural psychic. A Scorpio and very strong when it came to things spiritual, she just knew things and could make up her mind about anyone or any situation in seconds. I used to think that she would make an amazing spiritual worker but it wasn't to be. I know she helped many people in own way with her big heart. In fact all my family were sensitive in this way, they just didn't really realise it! I never imagined in a million years it would be me that would be doing it! I feel on a soul level, Maggie was somehow instrumental in getting me here, even though we clashed when I was younger and a member of the Charismatic Christian church. I break into a wry smile when I think of those days, because I was having visions and giving messages in church! So I came full circle, faith intact. My faith is the centre of all I do actually. I know that Maggie helps me in my work, especially when people come to me with very deep and painful problems. Bless you Maggie!

In essence, we are all spiritual beings living an earthly existence and we all have extrasensory potential. So why do some seem to be called to this work? I do not believe that mediumship makes anyone special, even though it is an extraordinary ability. I can only guess I must have contracted to do this work. Or maybe I was asked to. There are many things we will not understand until we return to the world of Spirit when everything will become clear. I do remember telling God I wanted to work for Him when I was a teenager!

If you are curious about mediumship and wondering about exploring it, then I would recommend reading Doris Stokes' autobiography. (I hope she is enjoying herself back home now bless her). I think learning how others managed their journey from someone's personal experience helps us find our way. I have mostly avoided groups and fixed ways of doing things because it cramps my creativity and it is the last thing a medium wants to do because Spirit works with our creative side. However there are many good books about the subject and I have listed some titles below. The world of psychics, mediums and spiritual workers is vast and so are the books and courses. Your intuition is your best guide. I have been down some strange roads on my journey but always came back to centre! It is easy to assume that people have good intentions, but one has to be wise, spiritual workers are human beings and sadly, not all put clients first.

Another point that I would add, is the importance of opening at your own pace. Do not be rushed. Some people do all kinds of techniques to 'open' their psychic side and it is not without risk. There are positive and negative energies in the spiritual world.

When people come to me wanting to develop I suggest they begin learning about energy as a first base so that they can develop safely.

We have moved from sitting in 'circles' in back rooms to full blown commercial enterprises and today there are different movements within the field of mediumship and psychic practises. The New Age has brought variety and complexity. There is something for everyone. Doris Stokes was a medium of her time and an amazing one at that. Her wisdom is still in print and I treasure her well-thumbed paperbacks inherited from my sister!

Here is a wonderful video of Doris at work in the Barbican, London UK. I am not joking, as I played it, I suddenly felt her all around me. Bless you Doris!!! Thanks to the Spirit Workers YouTube channel for this blessing.

As always, I value your questions and will be happy to give my perspective in future blogs, your feedback is important to me.

Until next time, HelenB xx

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Footnote: It is easy to become confused when many spiritual practitioners use many tools and mediums often work psychically as well. A medium is a channel or link between this dimension and the spirit world. A psychic uses their extrasensory abilities with or without tools such as Tarot, Runes, Crystals and more. Many like myself do both, though I tend not to use Tarot these days. I work with whatever I feel spirit leads me to at the time for the benefit of the client.

A psychic development circle is a group of people who are all interested in improving their natural psychic abilities including mediumship.

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Are Mediums born or Made?

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