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7 Steps To Hone Up Your Psychic Channel
  • Make the time - exploring your extra-sensory abilities is not advisable just for fun. I know many people are awakening, but it is worth doing properly and necessary to give some commitment to the process. You have to make time and it takes time to develop, like learning another language. I remember when I first realised I was being encouraged to connect with Spirit that 'they' told me I had to meditate regularly to show I was serious about it. In other words the guides did not want to waste their time! Some people are nervous about being communicated with. In most cases they will not come close unless they know they are welcome. What you see in the movies is usually a far cry from every day experience.
  • Become Mindful. When I talk about becoming mindful, I mean become very observant. Spirits and angels will try and communicate to us and often don't get the chance because our minds are fully occupied. Take moments in the day to rest, walk in the garden and connect with nature, listen to the sounds, quieten your brain and allow your mind to drift. I was a natural day-dreamer with a huge imagination when I was young - so I was told! Family disbelief. Ignore the naysayers and be around other creative, sensitive people. It really helps. Connect with like minds.
  • Learn your head talk from your heart talk. Sensitive people tend to worry and think a lot. Try to notice when random thoughts flutter into your consciousness and you were not previously thinking that way. For example you may be making a cup of coffee and suddenly someone you love pops into your mind and then they call you. It's a psychic connection. Or you may have asked a question and immediately a thought comes in the form of an answer. It can be a spirit or angel trying to make you aware of something. It takes practise and you may like to join a group or psychic circle. There are many ways that communications happen. Another way is when you see or hear something and suddenly you just know what it means on a deeper level. I remember a time when I walked into a music shop and saw a CD that I never heard of. It was a film score and I knew I had to buy it. The words of the music and the movie changed my life. Spirits connect with us mostly via the senses and can come in dreams. At times people have amazing experiences and visitations but these extraordinary moments do not happen every day. Many people think they never receive anything and feel they need to see an glowing apparition with a message, when actually it's already happening in subtle ways. 
  • Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask direct questions and realise you may either get an answer right away or later. Dealing with the unseen is challenging at times until you develop your own unique dialogue. I am quite auditory and hear with 'inner ears' or sometimes like a whisper. I feel strongly and I see in my mind's eye or 'third eye'. I have developed many ways, since I have been a practising medium for some years and I believe anyone who is called (or who elected in their life contract to do it) can do the same.
  • Look for synchronicity in your life as a sign you are being guided. Then if you want to go further you can tune in to find your own guide, assigned to help you or even work with you. There can be many guides. Some come and go and some help with particular things. Angels also connect with us. Especially if we call them near.
  • Practise patience. As with any skill one needs patience. It can seem daunting initially, like learning to drive a car. I thought I would never master it but soon everything flowed together with practise.
  • Become best friends with your intuition. Understand that you have a wonderful gift to help you navigate life called your 'Intuition.' It is underused, misunderstood and often ignored. I remember I began a relationship once when I had felt strong reservations and later regretted it. Your intuition can be like a best friend and protector along with your guardian angel.
Here are some links to helpful books and John Holland's Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle cards. I have used them myself and they are really nice to get you started. They are not Tarot cards, the title is a bit misleading. Tarot has a specific structure but Oracle cards can be used completely intuitively.

Until next time, HelenB xx

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